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Those Blessed PhilistinesThose Blessed PhilistinesGaylan Pegel, Jul 15, 2017
Gift Of GodGift Of GodDenise Loberg, Jul 8, 2017
There Are Better Days ComingThere Are Better Days ComingPastor Walter James, Jun 17, 2017
When The Godly Fall, They Rise AgainWhen The Godly Fall, They Rise AgainPastor Russell Meier, Jun 3, 2017
Making A New BeginningMaking A New BeginningPastor Walter James, May 20, 2017
TestimonyTestimonyMr & Ms Paul Andeas, May 6, 2017
To Serve is to Live WellTo Serve is to Live WellDaryl Tumberg, Apr 29, 2017
There is Still Hope fur UsThere is Still Hope fur UsPastor Gene Johnson, Apr 22, 2017
Love One AnotherLove One AnotherGaylan Pegel, Apr 15, 2017
In the face of Appparent DefeatIn the face of Appparent DefeatLindsay Christiansen, Apr 8, 2017
Who is the king of GloryWho is the king of GloryPastor Russell Meier, Apr 1, 2017
We Would See JesusWe Would See JesusPastor Jim Johnson, Mar 25, 2017
DreamersDreamersPastor Gary Thurber, Mar 18, 2017
Is As It WasIs As It WasDave Parker, Mar 11, 2017
How Good is Your ConnectionHow Good is Your ConnectionPastor Russell Meier, Mar 4, 2017
The Antichrist ChroniclesThe Antichrist ChroniclesPastor Gene Johnson, Feb 25, 2017
God Is Very Good!God Is Very Good!Gaylan Pegel, Feb 18, 2017
Do You Respect a Sinner?Do You Respect a Sinner?Denise Loberg, Feb 11, 2017
Love Becuase God Is LoveLove Becuase God Is LovePastor Russell Meier, Feb 4, 2017
Being Yourself Thur ChristBeing Yourself Thur ChristGaylan Pegel, Jan 21, 2017
You Have A Comforter!You Have A Comforter!Augie Riedel, Jan 14, 2017
Blessings in Adbundance out of Unity of one GodBlessings in Adbundance out of Unity of one GodPastor Russell Meier, Jan 7, 2017
Give Thanks Unto The LordGive Thanks Unto The LordLindsay Christensen, Dec 31, 2016
Jumping Ahead Of GodJumping Ahead Of GodGaylan Pegel, Dec 17, 2016
NoahNoah's Ark: A Picture Of Salvation (Part 2)Augie Riedel, Dec 10, 2016
Be Joyful, Be Thankful and Never Stop PrayingBe Joyful, Be Thankful and Never Stop PrayingPastor Russell Meier, Dec 3, 2016
Only By The Grace Of GodOnly By The Grace Of GodPastor Gene Johnson, Nov 26, 2016
It’s All About SurrenderIt’s All About SurrenderPastor Russell Meier, Nov 19, 2016
Noah’s Ark: A Picture Of Salvation (Part 1)
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Noah’s Ark: A Picture Of Salvation (Part 1)
      Noah's Ark: A Picture Of Salvation (Part 2)
Augie Riedel, Nov 12, 2016
Regret of the past-worry of the present-fear of the future.Regret of the past-worry of the present-fear of the future.Walter James, Nov 5, 2016
Does Jesus CareDoes Jesus CarePastor Gene Johnson, Oct 29, 2016
Standing on the PromisesStanding on the PromisesLindsay Christensen, Oct 22, 2016
You Can Have It NowYou Can Have It NowPastor Russell Meier, Oct 15, 2016
A Passion For SoulsA Passion For SoulsAugie Riedel, Oct 8, 2016
Try Him and SeeTry Him and SeePastor Russell Meyer, Oct 1, 2016
The Decision Is Ours To MakeThe Decision Is Ours To MakePastor Gene Johnson, Sep 24, 2016
Praying Without PretensePraying Without PretenseAugie Riedel, Sep 10, 2016
Sheep FeedersSheep FeedersDale Zillmer, Sep 3, 2016
Maintaining Moral IntegrityMaintaining Moral IntegrityPastor Gene Johnson, Aug 27, 2016
SpecialSpecialDaryl Tumberg, Jul 30, 2016
WhatWhat's This World Coming To?Pastor Gene Johnson, Jul 23, 2016
Will He Answer When You CallWill He Answer When You CallPastor Russell Meier, Jul 16, 2016
The Pool of BethasdaThe Pool of BethasdaAugie Riedel, Jul 9, 2016
Promises For The Children of the East in the BiblePromises For The Children of the East in the BibleSteve Dickey, Jul 2, 2016
I Will Make You Fishers Of MenI Will Make You Fishers Of MenPastor Gene Johnson, Jun 25, 2016
How To Destroy Your EnemyHow To Destroy Your EnemyPastor Russell Meier, Jun 4, 2016
Mentoring ChristiansMentoring ChristiansPastor Gene Johnson, May 28, 2016
Stay Out of the Mud, Let Love WorkStay Out of the Mud, Let Love WorkPastor Russell Meier, May 21, 2016
Jesus Is Coming SoonJesus Is Coming SoonRoger Lonnstrom, May 7, 2016
Everlasting MemorialsEverlasting MemorialsPastor Gene Johnson, Apr 23, 2016
Because God Lives The Battle Is RealBecause God Lives The Battle Is RealPastor Russell Meier, Apr 16, 2016
Who Made You JudgeWho Made You JudgeAugie Riedel, May 14, 2016
What God Cannot DoWhat God Cannot DoReggie Leech, Apr 9, 2016
Who Would You Choose?Who Would You Choose?Pastor Russell Meier, Apr 2, 2016
Our Awesome Creator GodOur Awesome Creator GodPastor Gene Johnson, Mar 26, 2016
Do Not Fear, The Lord is NearDo Not Fear, The Lord is NearPastor Russell Meier, Mar 19, 2016
Can You Hear Me NowCan You Hear Me NowGaylan Pegel, Mar 12, 2016
Seven Words From the CrossSeven Words From the CrossHelen Reed, Mar 5, 2016
The Sabbath of the Last DaysThe Sabbath of the Last DaysPastor Gene Johnson, Feb 27, 2016
Can Dead Bones Heal?Can Dead Bones Heal?Gaylan Pegel, Feb 20, 2016
Finding Success in 2016Finding Success in 2016Augie Riedel, Feb 13, 2016
PaulPaul's Last LetterLindsay Christiansen, Feb 6, 2016
Ostriches Have No FearOstriches Have No FearDale Zillmer, Jan 30, 2016
Because He LivesBecause He LivesPastor Gene Johnson, Jan 23, 2016
Be DifferentBe DifferentGaylan Pegel, Jan 16, 2016
In Jesus Name, AmenIn Jesus Name, AmenAugie Riedel, Jan 9, 2016
 Jesus Is Coming Again Jesus Is Coming AgainRoger Lonnstrom, Jan 2, 2016
A Memorable BirthdayA Memorable BirthdayPastor Gene Johnson, Dec 26, 2015
Christmas ProgramChristmas ProgramChristmas Program, Dec 19, 2015
The Story of the UniverseThe Story of the UniversePastor Jeff Scoggins, Dec 5, 2015
Even So Come, Lord JesusEven So Come, Lord JesusPastor Gene Johnson, Nov 28, 2015
Centered In JesusCentered In JesusBeau Gilmore, Nov 21, 2015
It All Comes Back to Me NowIt All Comes Back to Me NowRita Tasche, Nov 14, 2015
The Gift of SacrificeThe Gift of SacrificeGaylan Pagel, Nov 7, 2015
The Best Of Your LifeThe Best Of Your LifeAugie Riedel, Oct 31, 2015
It Takes A VillageIt Takes A VillageDaryl Tumberg, Oct 24, 2015
Communion, The Heart of the GospelCommunion, The Heart of the GospelPastor Gene Johnson, Oct 24, 2015
God Will Take Care Of YouGod Will Take Care Of YouAugie Riedel, Oct 10, 2015
The Grand ReunionThe Grand ReunionGaylen Pagel, Oct 3, 2015
The Patience of JobThe Patience of JobPastor Gene Johnson, Sep 26, 2015
Facing ConflictFacing ConflictPastor Jeff Scoggins, Sep 19, 2015
Augie RiedelAugie RiedelGiving To God, Sep 12, 2015
Mission in ThailandMission in ThailandKyle Tumberg, Sep 5, 2015
The Plank in the Eye DiscoveredThe Plank in the Eye DiscoveredPastor Jeff Scoggins, Aug 22, 2015
Fear NotFear NotDaryl Tumberg, Aug 15, 2015
Jesus Is Coming SoonJesus Is Coming SoonRoger Lonnstrom, Aug 9, 2015
Eternal Family ReunionEternal Family ReunionJimmy Hansen, Aug 1, 2015
Spiritual WatchfulnessSpiritual WatchfulnessPastor Gene Johnson, Jul 25, 2015
The DiscipleThe Disciple's Job DescriptionPastor Jeff Scoggins, Jul 18, 2015
This Little Light of MineThis Little Light of MineAugie Riedel, Jul 11, 2015
Independence Day or The Last DaysIndependence Day or The Last DaysRoger Lonnstrom, Jul 4, 2015
Learning to be Carefully CarelessLearning to be Carefully CarelessPastor Jeff Scoggins, Jun 6, 2015
Meet The ComforterMeet The ComforterJimmy Hansen, May 30, 2015
Innocent Until Proven GuiltyInnocent Until Proven GuiltyPastor Gene Johnson, May 23, 2015
Hold Out for the Second MashmallowHold Out for the Second MashmallowPastor Jeff Scoggins, May 16, 2015
Grace On TapGrace On TapPastor Terry Nennich, May 9, 2015
For an Audience of OneFor an Audience of OnePastor Jeff Scoggins, May 2, 2015
The End is in SightThe End is in SightPastor Gene Johnson, Apr 25, 2015
When Dreams Come Crashing DownWhen Dreams Come Crashing DownAugie Riedel, Apr 18, 2015
Watchmen What of The NightWatchmen What of The NightDale Zillmer, Apr 11, 2015
HeHe's AlivePastor Jeff Scoggins, Apr 4, 2015
Oh For a Little Piece and QuietOh For a Little Piece and QuietPastor Gene Johnson, Mar 28, 2015
GodGod's Underground ResistancePastor Jeff Scoggins, Mar 21, 2015
Repent, for it is time to exchange citizenshipRepent, for it is time to exchange citizenshipPastor Jeff Scoggins, Mar 7, 2015
Languishing in LaodiceaLanguishing in LaodiceaPastor Gene Johnson, Feb 28, 2015
The Sermon On The MountThe Sermon On The MountPastor Jeff Scoggins, Feb 21, 2015
LoveLoveRoger Lonnstrom, Feb 14, 2015
GodGod's Great WallJimmy Hansen, Feb 7, 2015
The Sabbath, Saturday or SundayThe Sabbath, Saturday or SundayAugie Riedel, Jan 31, 2015
The Spirit and Power of ElijahThe Spirit and Power of ElijahPastor Gene Johnson, Jan 24, 2015
God Needs FarmersGod Needs FarmersPastor Jeff Scoggins, Jan 17, 2015
Genesis Through RevelationGenesis Through RevelationDaryl Tumberg, Jan 10, 2015
Surrendering to FreedomSurrendering to FreedomPastor Jeff Scoggins, Jan 3, 2015